BETON Berlin 17 | Julie Chovin | 12.04.2024

In Berlin there is a significant divide between housing policy and the needs of the population.The interests of the real estate lobby often dominate the planning and implementation of construction projects, which has led to misguided urban development for decades. Fallow and open spaces in urban areas are extremely valuable resources in Berlin. However, given the current severe pressure on housing and commercial areas, we should recognize their importance and opportunities. BETON Berlin has already dealt with these areas several times, as they were and still are open spaces and important experimental fields for creative people in the context of the urban transformation processes after the Second World War and reunification.

Instead of leaving them undeveloped or building over them, they should be used as valuable potential for urban sustainability and quality of life and should definitely enable the neighborhood to participate in the design processes. It’s time to look at brownfield and open spaces as opportunities and not as vacancies. 

For BETON Berlin 17, Julie Chovin will look at an open space that is referred to as a « jewel » in real estate jargon. The future use of these and the architecture are the focus of her artistic work. Chovin examines « sterile new building architectures », breaks through their sterility and allows them to disappear again in the process. She presents her appropriation of the “jewel” and critical reflection on planned architecture subtly and delicately, making the unimaginable temporarily perceivable.

BETON Berlin 17 with Julie Chovin will take place on Friday April 12 between 7-10 pm. The location in Kreuzberg – as usual with the exhibition project BETON Berlin – will be announced at short notice on April 12.

Please register here for a location update.

FUTURE PROOF // dot Berlin

I am glad to invite you to the opening of

a duo show with Jeremy Knowles
the 14.04 from 18 to 21
at dot projectspace
Mälmöerstr. 3, Berlin.

The show will run until the 10.05.2023
See you there !

For its first collective approach, dot invites artists Julie Chovin and Jeremy Knowles to explore the power dynamics of the urban cityscape and architecture through their artistic endeavors. From April 14th until May 10th, the project space will host their work, a series of workshops, as well as the audience’s contribution. 

An exhibition-in-progress exploring a world between dystopia and utopia, addressing issues such as urbanism, public space, environmental change or surveillance technology.

Julie Chovin’s installation, FORUM, introduces the imagery of a dystopian Baroque building under attack from mold, captured in a time capsule. The molds are not just static patterns but living entities that evolve over time and interact with the grandeur of the castle’s Baroque decorum. Despite the mildew, the overall structure of the Humboldt Forum is still recognizable. The invading mold gives the castle’s cold and sterile architecture a more organic quality. This artwork constantly evolves, presenting a decaying landscape that may hold the promise of a new world. It encourages us to look beyond decay and consider the possibility of new growth and change.

Images from the installation FUTUROTOPIA here

Group Exhibition « Lovers of Leftovers », Prague,
Opening Saturday 17th of September 2022

I am very happy to invite to the opening of
„Lovers of Leftovers”
a group show curated by Jagna Domżalska,
the Saturday 17th of September 2022 from 6 pm
at The White Room, Pragovka, Kolbenova 923/34 190 00 Prague.

„Lovers of Leftovers” is a group show on constant need to search for beauty. Vasil Artamonov (CZE), Piotr Bosacki (PL), Jan Domicz (PL), Julie Chovin (FR/GE), Alex and John Gailla (SW/GE), Agnieszka Grodzińska (PL) and Miłosz Rygiel – Sańko create sophisticated objects from abandoned materials with some obsession or compulsion, yet there seems to be tenderness in the way they treat it.

Book Presentation: The Place to Be, Vexer Büro Verlag
Saturday 18th of June 2022

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am very glad to invite you to the book presentation and artist talk the Saturday 18th of June 2022 at Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin.
I’ll be talking with Séverine Marguin about the working process of the book at 5 pm.
I will be also showing new artworks at this occasion.
Program (in German):
16:00 Vera Ida Müller (publisher) and Daniel Rother (designer) are talking about the design concept of the book
17:00 Conversation between Séverine Marguin (sociologist at TU Berlin) and Julie Chovin

I will be there from 4 to 7 pm and I hope we will enjoy to have a drink together.

I hope to see you,

Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin,
Gneisenaustrasse 54,
10961 Berlin

If you can not make it, please contact me, the new pieces would be visible on appointment !!

> Program
> How to order the book in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ?
> How to oder the book in other countries ?

Research residency Meet Factory, Prague. Program « Sustainable Studio Practices » – February – April 2022
Studio View at Meet Factory, Prague. April 2022.
Founded glass and ceramic, digital prints, cold clay, digital prints, drawings.

End of the year group exhibition at Vexer Verlag

Dear Friends and colleagues,

Sadly, the event of Saturday 11th December is cancelled.
Instead I am inviting you to a small group exhibition at Vexer Verlag Büro, beside the works of other artists and authors of the publishing house,
the Saturday 18th December from 2 to 8 pm.

See you there !!

Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin,
Gneisenaustrasse 54,
10961 Berlin

> Program
> How to order the book in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ?
> How to oder the book in other countries ?


Dear friends, dear colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition in which I am participating with Paul Créange and Jonathan Monaghan on the occasion of the Biennale de l’Image Tangible 2021.

Friday the 5th of November 2021, 6 – 10 pm
at Plateforme, 73 rue des Haies, Paris 20ème.
The exhibition will be visible until 21.11.2021
I am looking forward to seeing you there over a drink.

Sur la revue TK 21, retrouvez le texte d’Étienne Diemert « Collectionner les images de club pour documenter la ville », présentant le livre
The Place to be, Nightclubs in Berlin 2013-2020.
Bonne lecture !


The Place to Be cover

I am pleased to announce the release of my book The Place to Be – Nightclubs in Berlin 2013-2020 by Vexer Verlag.
This project started already 9 years ago, long before the pandemic that endangers these establishments. Like a mental map, a collection, or a walk through the empty city of Berlin, the book gathers 220 photographs of Berlin’s nightclub facades in daylight.
It is accompanied by texts by Séverine Marguin and Boris Grésillon.
To find out more about the book here.

For Berliners, I will present an installation in the window of the publishing house from 20.03 to 05.04.2021.
Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin / Gneisenaustrasse 54 / 10961 Berlin, Ubahn Südstern (U7)
We will meet for a drink as soon as the local health situation allows it, but I would be very happy to meet you there if we make an appointment.
The book will soon be available in your favourite bookshops, but it can already be ordered directly from the publishing house: mail (at)

J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer la sortie de mon livre The Place to Be – Nightclubs in Berlin 2013-2020 aux éditions Vexer.
Ce projet a commencé il y a 9 ans déjà, bien avant la pandémie qui met en danger ces établissements. Comme une carte mentale, une collection, ou une balade dans la ville vide de Berlin, Le livre regroupe 220 photographies de façades de boites de nuit berlinoise sous la lumière du jour.

Il est accompagné de textes de Séverine Marguin et Boris Grésillon.
Pour en savoir plus sur le livre ici.
Pour les Berlinois, je présenterai une installation dans la vitrine de la maison d’édition du 20.03 au 05.04.2021.
Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin / Gneisenaustrasse 54 / 10961 Berlin, Ubahn Südstern (U7)
Nous retrouverons pour un verre dès que la situation sanitaire locale nous le permettra, mais je serai trés heureuse de vous y retrouver si nous convenons d’un rendez-vous.

Le livre sera bientôt disponible dans vos librairies favorites, mais il l’est déjà sur commande directement à la maison d’édition: mail (at)

Art des Sentiers Métropolitain Camps de Courdimanche J’ai le plaisir de participer avec quelques photographies à l’exposition:

Au Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris.

Jusqu’au 8 Novembre 2020

Sous la direction des cofondateurs de l’Agence des sentiers métropolitains :
Baptiste Lanaspèze, fondateur des éditions Wildproject et initiateur du GR2013
Paul-Hervé Lavessière, urbaniste et auteur

Développés à Bordeaux, Boston, Istanbul, Milan, Marseille… les Sentiers métropolitains ouvrent un nouvel espace de création à la croisée des mondes de l’aménagement, de l’art, du tourisme, de l’écologie. Tant projets urbains que culturels, ils sont conçus selon plusieurs dimensions : des explorations collectives pour les élaborer (repérages, marches publiques, randonnées métropolitaines…), des récits partagés qui les documentent (projets artistiques, livres, articles, récits de voyage, feuilletons sonores, films documentaires, expositions…) et un itinéraire partagé réalisé de façon concertée avec les territoires.

L’exposition « L’art des sentiers métropolitains » révèle cette pratique émergente, rend hommage aux pionniers de la discipline, donne les clés de la création d’un sentier métropolitain et dévoile pour la première fois le tracé du sentier du Grand Paris.

600 km à pied, 30 jours de marche, ce sentier est le premier équipement culturel métropolitain à l’échelle du Grand Paris. Conçu et porté par des artistes, architectes, urbanistes, philosophes, il invite les habitants et les promeneurs à vivre une expérience au long cours entre proche et grande banlieue. Pour ses concepteurs, aux côtés d’autres mouvements de société, comme l’agriculture urbaine ou l’urbanisme transitoire, la randonnée métropolitaine modifie les façons d’habiter et d’appréhender le territoire. « En nous permettant de renouer avec l’espace physique à l’épicentre même de la crise écologique, ces sentiers contribuent à imaginer la ville de l’après-pétrole. »

75004 PARIS
Du mardi au dimanche de 11h à 19h, entrée Libre

Pour en savoir plus
Спецпроект:Арт-резиденция no-mu/Special Project: Art Residence no-mu

Some of my drawings made at No Mu, Kameoka, Japan in Jarunary are published on the russian on-line illustration magazine slon v boa (the boa in the elephant), beside the works of Ksenia Kopalova, Rina Nakano, Elena Aframova and Mog Fry.
If you can read russian langage, here is the links:

To see the works

To see the drawings
Remembering Omoya

Pendant le lock down, j’ai virtuellement ouvert les portes de mon atelier à Clotilde Scordia.

« Photographie, installation, dessin, vidéo… tous les médiums sont bons pour cartographier le centre urbain et son architecture intrinsèquement liés à ses habitants. En perpétuelle mutation et progression, l’architecture urbaine agit comme un corps qui se meut. La photographie Die Poesie der Baustellen (La Poésie des chantiers) montre cet espace in-fini (au sens que le paysage est en cours, en transition). »

Clotilde Scordia, 2020.

Pour voir la visite en entier c’est ici

Suivre TOO MANY DOGS sur Instagram

Artist Retreat NO MU
January – February 2020
Kameoka, Kyoto, Japan.

To follow the project here

Looking from a broader perspective, all of us: nature, artists, chefs and other professionals are living by taking in the energies, things, and information and taking out by transforming the various features in response to the environment. Through this artist in residence project “social cuisine”, I would like to make a place to taste the variety of expressions with artists from diverse fields in the world sitting at the same table and on the same dish named “no-mu”. I regard every human being has a great potential to be an artist. Thus all of you are eligible to join these artists in residence project. I can’t wait to see you all here!

Eikoh Tanaka

KONTRAKT RYSOWNIKA (the Draughtsman Contract).
Opening the 22nd of June, from 6-9 pm. Facebook here


Exhibition from the 22nd June to the 23rd of August 2018.

At the Galeria Arsenał, ul. A. Mickiewicza 2, Białystok, Poland.

Curators : Agata Chinowska, Sylwia Narewska

The exhibition is presenting the final pieces, result of a residency in August 2017 at the Galerie, beside the works of Karolina Bielawska and Rafał Żarski. The residency cycle were based on the movie from Peter Greenaway, the « Draughtsman’s contract ».

More about the exhibition (in Polish): here

Exhibition’s views: here



Group show 25th-28th of May 2018,


at Hotel Polonez, ul.Niepodległości 36, Poznań, 61-714, Poland.
Opening the 25th of May 2018 at 7 pm.

Artists: Wera Bet, Piotr Macha, Julie Chovin, Natalia Daszkiewicz, Michał Dobrucki,
Grzegorz Bożek, Mateusz Sadowski, Karolina Babińska, Bartosz Zaskórski/Monika Grażyna Olszewska,
Piniak, Zbigniew Taszycki, Markus Liehr, Piotr Sakowski, Azem Deliu, Martyna Hadyńska, Maciej Nowacki,
Zuza Klein, Agnieszka Grodzińska, Magda Starska.

More about it here
To see the installation presented there


« Blank Utopia island floating over Kreuzberg, Berlin »,
40×60 cm, inkjet on paper, 2018.









Presentation of the Book « CARREFOUR », the 14th of June 2017, at the Librairie VOLUME at 7.30 pm. I will discuss with François Michaud, curator at the Modern Art Museum of Paris, about urbain drift, the book and my project in Poznan. Facebook even

Carrefour is an artist book realized as a last part of the project CROSSED VIEW ON THE CITYSCAPE,
produced on the frame of the program « Artist-in-Residency » from CK ZAMEK, Poznań, Poland, in 2016.
The project consisted of urbain drifts and walks, exploration of a unknown city,
alone and then with a group of inhabitants. The photography is giving rhythm to the roaming,
following the architectural discoveries, spaces et lights, showing the structure of the city of the daily city,
without to exalt it. Those photographs are an arrival of spaces, empty or full, from the center to the suburbs,
like an urban portrait.
The book gathers various artworks, realized during the residency : the photographs « Interstices »,
the drawings « Post-Palace » and others drawings, maps of walks, poems, which understand
the urban territories of a more experimental and personal view.
More on : here
To see the book



Présentation du livre CARREFOUR, le 14 juin 2017, à la Librairie VOLUME à 19h30.
Je vais échanger avec François Michaud, conservateur au Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris,
à propos de dérive urbaine, du livre et de mon projet à Poznan.Evenement Facebook

Carrefour est un livre d’artiste réalisé comme la dernière partie du projet CROSSED VIEW ON THE CITYSCAPE,
produit dans le cadre du programme « Artiste en Résidence » à CK ZAMEK, Poznan en Pologne, en 2016.
Ce projet s’articule autour de la marche et dérives urbaines et l’exploration d’une ville,
en solitaire et ensuite au cours d’une marche avec des habitants de Poznan. La photographie rythme ces errances,
suivant les découvertes architecturales, espaces et lumière, montrant la structure de la ville au quotidien,
sans sublimation. Ces photographies sont une approche des espaces, pleins ou vides, du centre à la périphérie de la ville,
comme un portrait urbain.
Le livre regroupe différentes oeuvres réalisés à Poznan, la série de photographie « Interstices »,
les dessins « Post-Palace » ainsi que d’autres dessins, cartes et photographies des marches et poèmes,
appréhendant le territoire urbain de manière plus personnelle et expérimentale.
Plus sur More on : ici
Pour voir le livre


The Place to Be

“The Place to be” is a project of an artist Photobook with 200 photographs from Clubs in Berlin.
For more information :
The Place to Be // tumblr // My instagram
I am currently looking for collaboration to make the exhibition and the book real.
Contact me : info ( a )

« The place to be » est un projet de livre d’artiste contenant 200 photographies de clubs berlinois.
Pour plus d’information :
The Place to Be // tumblr // Mon instagram
Je suis à la recherche de collaboration pour rendre l’exposition et le livre réel.
Contactez moi : info ( a )





September 30th – December 4th, 2016
Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej BWA Sokół
Długosza 3, 33-300 Nowy Sącz, Poland

Ada Karczmarczyk, Chto Delat, Hubert Gromny, IRWIN, Julie Chovin, Kornel Janczy, Little Warsaw, Mark Fridvalszki, Rafani, Stach Szumski, Svätopluk Mikyta, Tymon Nogalski + Walser by Zbigniew Libera

Curators: Łukasz Białkowski, Piotr Sikora

Intermarium is a project on fantasies and images used by Central European countries to define their position towards Western Europe and other countries of the region. Łukasz Białkowski and Piotr Sikora 10—12 11 The project took as its starting point Ziemowit Szczerek’s Rzeczpospolita Zwycięska. Alternatywna historia Polski [The Victorious Republic. Alternative History of Poland], a book that tells a different story of the Second World War. Szczerek based his narrative on authentic plans for the development of Poland, drafted in the interwar period by politicians, urban planners, and economists. Referencing the economic situation and geopolitical conditions of the period, Szczerek constructs a vision of Poland that joins forces with the Allies in 1939 and wins the September Campaign. Subsequently, Poland becomes a leader in the region. It joins with Slovakia into one state, and then constructs a confederacy together with the Czech Republic and Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, and Yugoslavia. Thus, Poland creates a political entity that sentimentally re-enacts the Golden Age of the Jagiellonian dynasty, the Intermarium, a country that stretches “in-between two seas”.
To read the text and infos about the event : here.

Chimera-Project is pleased to be part of the international traveling exhibition „Intermarium », opening on June 16, 2016, 7pm.
After Futura in Prague, Chimera-Project is the second space to host this group show curated by Łukasz Białkowski and Piotr Sikora,
who this time invited Julie Chovin, Chto Delat, Little Warsaw, Rafani and Stach Szumski to reflect upon their exhibition topic.
“Intermarium” is an exhibition addressing phantasms and images employed by Central European countries
when they wish to define their position towards Western Europe and other countries of the region.

In the second chapter prepared especially for Chimera Project we are focused on dynamics of artists’ groups being seen as a micro example for a macro scale phenomenon. Taking as a motto phrase from Rafani “Our union is a higher form of individuality” we’d like to explore how the model of an empire embodies the higher needs of post-soviet democracies and why is it so present in central-European context.

To read more

Exhibition from the 17th of June to 27th of July 2016
at Chimera Project
1072 Budapest
Klauzál tér 5.
VII. District

Opening Hours Tue – Fri: 3-6pm or upon appointment

CK Zamek
American Landscape

Vernissage le 11 février 2016 à partir de 19h30.


Exposition du 11 février au 02 Mars 2016
47, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
Paris 3 (France)
M° République / Temple / Arts & métiers / Strasbourg-Saint-Denis

Du mardi au samedi de 11h00 à 20h00
à propos du projet


American Landscape
The Place to Be, a collection




Entretien avec Étienne Diemert à propos de la série photographique et du projet de livre “The Place to be”. Les clubs à Berlin : quotidienneté et carte postale ; le Berghain comme épicentre du clubbing dans la capitale ; l’architecture vernaculaire ; un business…
Lire en entier sur le site de la revue :


Texte critique d’Étienne Diemert sur la série de photographie de club berlinois « The Place to Be », publié dans le numéro 51 de la revue TK-21.
(…)Dans la série The Place to be, que nous allons maintenant tenter d’examiner, cette flânerie se mue en parcours : rallier une destination de club à pied ou en vélo ; photographier l’entrée du club ; et produire progressivement une cartographie de la ville de Berlin, telles sont les trois étapes de ce projet ou de ce processus de création.(…)
Lire en entier sur le site de la revue :

IMG_3020-Modifier-juliechovin Pièce Unique #12
Du 1er au 31 Octobre 2015.


Julie Chovin

Lieu d’intention artistique
66 rue Notre Dame
33000 Bordeaux

L’Agence, un projet soutenu par la Mairie de Bordeaux
dans le cadre du Fonds d’Aide à la Création et de Soutien à l’Innovation

Dossier de presse



BOTSCHAFT/en/er – 48h Neukölln



In a world drifting apart, where tensions emerge in a clash of conflicting political, ideological and personal values, it is more urgent than ever to send out a clear message. Current issues such as the crisis in Greece and the Ukraine conflict reveal just how fragile the fabric of Europe and, ultimately, the fabric of our whole world is.
In a multimedia exhibition, international artists examine the symptoms of cultural and political power relations within our society. The artists assume the role of « ambassadors » or « messengers », uncovering the injustices that surround us, bringing critical issues to light.

curator : Vu Hoang

Participating artists:
Julie Chovin – Elena Chronopoulou – Brittany Gould – John Nguyen – James Robinson – Charlotte Sauvaget – Terril Scott – Jemma Woolmore

Transmitter Berlin
Allerstraße 15
12049 Berlin

Occupied Emotions
28th of February – 26th of April 2015
Opening 28th of February from 7pm to midnight
Broelkaai 6 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium



Artists : Nadia Naveau, Ruben Bellinkx, Nathalie Vanheule, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Silvia B., Cindy Wright, Nina Lassie, Peter Sattler, Julie Scheurweghs, MEMYMOM, Athos Burez, Arnika Müll, Christine Clinckx, Julie Chovin, Rachel Agnew, Sofie Muller, Elke Andreas Boon, Lore Vanelslande, Liesbet Waegemans.

Their will be perfomances from the Antwerp Cultband Karl Mascara, the Austrian Peter Sattler and Nathalie Vanheule, the duo CMMC, Peter and Kristinn, An Pierlé,…





From the January 9th to the February 27th, 2015, two of my books are accessible at LAGE EGAL in Berlin.
You can discover « The Place to Be » (156 pictures of Berliner clubs, 2013 – on going) and « something – nothing – everything, 10th to the 24th of February 2014 », 16 pages, 14×15 cm, digital print on paper, 2014.

Opening reception Thursday, 8th January 2015, 7–10 pm
Exhibition dates January 9th – February 27th, 2015

Open days: WED – FR 2 – 6 pm, SAT 2 – 5 pm and by appointment


CURATED BY PIERRE GRANOUX • +49(0)173–1807226

With mostly recent artist’s books and accompanying editions of more than 200 artists and publishers, LAGE EGAL shows a broad snapshot in a specially designed exhibition display.



Julie Chovin, Caroline Gutlé, Jamesdin, Silvia Lorenz, Julia Mensch, Diana Righini, Shingo Yoshida.



Kurator : Diana Righini

Eröffnung // Samstag, 4. Oktober // 20 Uhr

Buchpräsentation // Mittwoch, 8. Oktober // 19 Uhr //
mit Diana Righini « Barricades » und Julie Chovin « The Place to Be », (auf Englisch)

Finissage // Dienstag, 14. Oktober // 18 – 23 Uhr
+ Konzert ESÏOM // 21 Uhr

Gruppenausstellung vom 5. bis 14. Oktober 2014.
Mittwoch bis Sonntag. 16 Uhr – 19 Uhr.

Schönhauser Allee 161A
10435 Berlin